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So here we go. It is not uncommon for the Breckenridge Distillery to be confused with the Breckenridge Brewery and vice versa. This is the first time we have produced a beer-barreled whiskey and it is damn good. This collab kickstarted a larger partnership with Breckenridge Brewery with our biggest collaborative release still to come winter Already in production, we are taking our successes and learnings from our SMO Whiskey and simultaneously releasing Breckenridge Bourbon Barrel-aged Imperial Stout Beer along with a beer-barreled Whiskey.

When deing the label, Bryan Nolt Founder and CEO wanted something subtle because the whisky itself was already so complex. The bold, smooth flavors of chocolate and roasted barley complement the flavors of our whiskey perfectly. We fantasized about how we could do a collaboration using these barrels to age the whiskey for a full loop. The high alcohols of the whiskey can be muddled by the smoothness of the SMO. Our whiskey barrels are freshly dumped and personally taken to the brewery to be filled with their SMO Imperial Stout. SMO has the most complex grain bill of any beer the Brewery brews; rye barley, roasted barley, double roasted crystal malt, chocolate malt and oatmeal.

All of these malts combine to give SMO a smooth, rich complex flavor. Months, to sometimes more than a year later, the Brewery harvests the beer from the barrels and get them back to the Distillery as quick as possible, sometimes in 20 minutes or less.

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For months, the whiskey sits in the beer barrels mingling with the stout flavors left in the barrel. Once the barrels have reached the perfect flavor profile, we empty the barrels, decide on the perfect proof, in this case, proof, bottle it and it hits the shelves.

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We expect that this will fly off the shelves. The good news, we have another barrel aging that could bring a second release in the future. Get your favorite Breckenridge spirits delivered to your door.

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Breckenridge sex texts with women for free

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