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Unfortunately, it takes considerable time and effort to develop the strategic, well-written content needed to captivate your audience. With a team of skilled freelance writers in your corner, you can feel confident that your digital presence rests in capable hands. This approach frees you from the need to hire full-time staff while still ensuring that you enjoy access to exceptional content.

The benefits of working with freelance content writers go far beyond saving time and money — although, of course, these advantages are worthwhile in their own right. Freelance writers love the freedom and flexibility their profession provides. Increasingly, many view it as a viable replacement for traditional 9-to-5 work. Their project-oriented approach allows them to focus exclusively on producing content they love, rather than simply trying to get through another day in a full-time job.

As the freelance talent pool expands to include a vast population of passionate writers, so does your access to the best in the business. Many writers boast advanced degrees in English, Journalism, or Communications. Others have accrued considerable experience through years of writing, either on a full-time or freelance basis. Their ability to craft compelling content goes way beyond what a small business owner could accomplish if left to update their website on their own. Not only do freelancers possess a deep-seated understanding of the written word, but their SEO know-how also allows them to develop pieces that sound natural while achieving impressive search engine rankings.

No matter how great an in-house hire is, they are just one person. For example, one writer may be great at website content and Just looking for talented writers posts, but not experienced in writing case studies, landing s, or press releases. When you hire freelancers that specialize in different types of content assets, you can benefit from having the best writers creating each type of content. Depending on your content needs, you may require broader expertise than a full-time content writer — or even a team of in-house writers — can supply.

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With freelance content writing services, however, you enjoy access to thousands of skilled professionals boasting experience in a wide variety of fields. No matter your niche, you can find a freelancer with the insight needed to elevate your content and build your status as an authority in your field.

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The unique breadth offered through freelancing can prove especially beneficial for brands based in rural areas or other regions in which access to niche writers may be limited. No longer do you need to worry whether skilled writers reside within driving distance. As long as they fit your requirements, they can produce content for your site. There are only so many ideas you can come up with on your own — and only so much time you can dedicate to fleshing out the few ideas you already possess.

In the content marketing world, consistency is crucial. Consistency also plays an important role in your search engine ranking. A haphazard content schedule will make it more difficult to achieve the top spots on Google, Just looking for talented writers of the quality of your content or keyword strategy. With freelance writers on your content team, you can as projects as needed to keep up with your busy calendar. This is when freelance writers prove especially helpful. Not only can these freelancers provide the content you need in record time, but the content will be of high enough quality to keep editing needs to a minimum, thereby expediting the publication process.

Few content propositions limit your risk to the extent of freelance writing services. Quality content is by no means cost-free, but the return on investment is considerable given the minimal risk incurred. The same goes when dealing with an evolving marketing budget or schedule.

Freelance writing offers a scalable solution that allows you to increase or reduce your publishing commitment as you see fit.

Is Writing a Talent?

As you consider your options for improving your digital presence, think carefully about the many ways in which freelancers could play into your long-term content marketing goals. However, it comes as no surprise that most business owners and agencies have a difficult time deciding what to pay freelancers, given that freelance rates vary widely across the talent pool. The reason why there is such a broad range of freelance writer rates is that there is a full range of skillsets and experience levels within the talent pool. While many people can write stories or get across your ideas in a blog post or web content — not everyone has years of experience in content marketing strategy and implementation.

Even fewer individuals will have experience in your specific industry or area of expertise. Additionally, you are not only paying for the writing, research, and whatever else goes into your piece, you are also paying for the years of education and practice that the writer has put into developing their skills.

Learning things like digital marketing best practices, how to write with SEO in mind, and where to find the best resources for specific subject matter takes time. And since freelancers are trading their hours for money, marketing agencies and business owners should compensate freelancers for this time.

Many factors impact the cost of hiring a freelance writer. Understanding these factors will help you better understand how much of your marketing budget you should be put toward content creation. But skill level is one of the most important factors that professional writers consider when setting freelance writing rates. Most freelancers have had to take the initiative to get the education they need. These are all things that help make a freelancer a better writer. And they are all things that impact the rate a freelancer charges.

It is the difference between making simple powdered scrambled eggs and making a decadent eggs benedict. The dish that requires more quality ingredients, more knowledge of cooking concepts, and specialized skills comes with a higher price tag — and you can taste the difference. The cost of high-quality content will also depend on the type and length of content. Many writers Just looking for talented writers per word, which means that the higher the word count, the more you will end up paying for it.

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Every single word a writer writes is an effort that they put into that piece of content. It incorporates knowledge, writing skills, research, and anything else that makes the content compelling and useful.

You may see just words on abut the writer sees the time they put into not only writing the piece, but researching, editing, and optimizing it as well. Some writers prefer to charge by the hour. This is typical of freelance writers who create content that requires a lot of research or expert interviews.

Freelancers that specialize in social media may also charge by the hour given that they often do more than just write social posts. They also spend time curating content, engaging with followers, and scheduling posts.

Again, the hourly rate of a freelance copywriter will depend on their experience and time in the industry.

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As with most things, you get what you pay for. Ultimately, you need to decide what level of expertise is worth the hourly rate to you. There are several ways that writers choose to set their prices: by the word, by the hour, by theor by the project, also known as a flat rate. Here at Writer Access, clients typically pay writers by the word. However, writers and clients both have the option of choosing other rate methods like hourly or flat rate.

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WriterAcces rates its writers from 2 to 6 stars. Clients that are looking for more straightforward content with a faster turnaround time may opt for choosing a writer at a lower star level. Those with the most experience and skill at WriterAccess are 6-star writers. They have a higher skill level and more experience than other writers, and they can write more Just looking for talented writers pieces. These 6-star writers have also proven to WriterAccess that they can be consistent with their work quality and turnaround time. When you are looking at freelance writer rates, think about the level of effort required as well as skill and any specific elements.

Then have a conversation with your writer to discuss your content marketing goals and the rate they charge for completing your project. It clarifies the distinctions between a 2-star writer and a 6-star writer on the platform — and the reasoning behind the rates of each. High-quality content is an investment. Search engines like Google have algorithms that have specific criteria that content must meet to rank higher. Some things can get your content blacklisted, preventing your site from ranking.

Articles and blog posts that rank highest on the Google search engine contain an average of 2, words. They are also well-written, engaging, useful, and contain helpful internal and external links. The skills and knowledge necessary to achieve that is in itself a worthy investment. If you take one thing away from this blog post, it should be that cheap content can prove to be very, very expensive in the long-run. Before you pass on a writer with higher rates, carefully consider what you are asking that writer to do. Are you looking for a writer with a more advanced skillset?

Are you looking for someone who specializes in a specific type of content like landing s or marketing? Are you looking for a subject matter expert or skilled content marketer? If so, you are probably going to find yourself paying higher rates for skilled professionals that have years of experience and an impressive portfolio.

And you know what? Because that is what great writers are, an investment. Something is going to suffer. Hiring freelance writers is a great way to scale your content marketing, even if you already have an in-house content writer or two. Freelance writers can help you create new content and refresh old content on an ongoing and consistent basis.

Creating this consistency in your content marketing publishing is important for both engaging your le and customers while also pleasing the search engines.

Just looking for talented writers

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