Looking for a college teachers

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Community colleges are crucial to the U. While four-year colleges and universities have traditionally held more prestige than their two-year counterparts, the higher ed landscape is changing. With the tuition of four-year institutions on the rise, community colleges are elevating their offerings — expanding their fields of study and improving the quality of education. This shift has inspired an upswing in students opting for associate degree programs.

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You have the unique opportunity to provide an excellent and competitive education to students who may not otherwise have the opportunity to earn their degree. If you want to make an impact, becoming a community college teacher is a solid pathway to truly make a difference. The demand for qualified community college teachers is expected to rise as the of people enrolling in higher education programs especially community colleges continues to increase each year. Educating students effectively in the deated subject matter is paramount in this preparatory setting. Community college teachers must convey relevant information efficiently and help students learn the best methods of inquiry in the subject area of the course.

Students attending community colleges are diverse in every way — age, race, ethnicity, ability, gender, and socioeconomic background. In addition to students just out of high school, many working adults attend community college courses as a means to change careers or progress in their present job.

College Professor Holds Student's Newborn Baby While Teaching Class

Community colleges also have students who need remedial education, so teachers must be prepared to help their students catch up to the skill level needed to take on college-level coursework. Like most collegiate institutions, preference may be given to a candidate with a PhD. Community colleges also want instructors with prior teaching experience.

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Occasionally, community colleges will employ those with relevant work experience in a particular field as well. There are two main types of community college teachers: Adjunct and full-time faculty. The main differences between adjunct and full-time faculty community college teachers are course load, pay, benefits, and job security. Adjunct teachers represent a majority of instructors at U.

They teach courses at community colleges on a part-time basis. Full-time faculty are community college teachers who are on tenure track. This means they earn an annual salary, benefits, and the opportunity for long-term job security. Students will continue to enroll in higher education, gaining the essential knowledge and skills necessary to obtain their career goals. This forecast includes part-time post-secondary teachers as well. Certain subjects are in higher demand than others.

According to the job outlook data from the BLS, post-secondary professor employment projections will increase in these subjects by Many community college teachers continue to take courses to keep up-to-date on the latest discoveries in their subject area.

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Hiring at community colleges is more locally based than at four-year universities, which often conduct nationwide candidate searches. Local newspapers, online postings, and the Chronicle of Higher Education are frequently used to advertise open positions.

A candidate will be expected to have familiarity with the community college system, the local community, and the field of study associated with the job. Showing enthusiasm for the community college setting, as well as the discipline, will often go a long way toward impressing the people on the interview committee.

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The internet makes it easy for us to stay connected to prominent community college teachers. Here is a list of our favorite websites and Twitter handles, in no particular order.

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Looking for a college teachers

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Community College Teacher: Job, Education, and Salary Information