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As part of that mission, we are recognizing 50 female guitarists who have made—or who are making—tremendous contributions to guitarcraft and guitar culture. These discussions are always fraught with danger. Favorites get left out. Readers get cranky.

The Best Damn Female Guitarists The World Has to offer!

And yet, arguing with the editors over their choices is part of the fun, and we all learn even more valuable information from the shared discourse. Please send your criticisms and comments about this special cover feature to mmolenda nbmedia. Muriel Anderson Anderson weaves fantastic spells with her evocative phrasing, stunning technique, and melodic sensibility, and everything is wrapped in a style that almost simultaneously embraces classical, country, flamenco, jazz, and world music.

Fearlessly creative and ambitious, she was robbed of her technical talents by focal dystonia from to Looking for female guitar player, but worked towards a full recovery. Seeking compelling ways to get her own instrumentals in front of a larger audience, Batten pioneered a solo-multimedia show integrating film clips, career stories, and, obviously, her jaw-dropping music. Like Badi Assad, Boyd has also struggled with focal dystonia, and, inhad to reorient her performance technique.

The release showcased her graceful melodies, articulate tone, and tasteful shredding, and she was almost immediately asked to some pretty formidable bands—most notably solo projects by Tony MacAlpine and her brother Ethan—as well as to perform with Guthrie Govan, Andy Timmons, and Stuart Hamm.

Nori Bucci Bucci is a force of nature. Slightly hunched over her Strat, eyes closed, oblivious to all but the music in her head, she would unleash whirlwinds of melodies, licks, riffs, and single-note lines—often within the same solo section.

Her intense yet beautiful work in the band Gamalon is fairly well documented on YouTube, and she also released three solo albums. These days, Bucci appears to be more interested in her other talents—drawing, sculpting, and writing—than blowing minds with her guitar. Great for her—a loss for us. In fact, the guitar she famously used that approach on with the Carter Family and her solo work—a Gibson L-5—has become so legendary that it now resides in the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum in Nashville.

Byshe had already been on The Ed Sullivan Show four times! She has carved out a stinging, soulful, and personal sound that encompasses Texas, California, Chicago, and Mississippi styles—all derived directly from the originators.

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Talented fingers and heavy strings let her deliver maximum tone with minimal distortion. There are certainly echoes of Hendrix in her sexy bends, liquid tone, stabbing note choices, and sweet sustain which, at times, can get to David Gilmour levels of near infinity. When she switched to guitar, she adopted the same approach, and a unique method of fingerpicking was born. Take that! Debbie Davies When Davies first started ripping it up with Maggie Mayall and the Cadillacs three decades ago, Bonnie Raitt was pretty much the only other female blues guitarist on the scene.

Having received the imprimatur of being asked to tour with Albert Collins as his featured guitarist—and with more than a dozen solo records behind her—Davies is the player who made the way a little easier for the Sue Foleys, Laura Chavezes, and Susan Tedeschis of the world. Ani DiFranco DiFranco stands out among the folkie crop for taking her guitar playing as seriously as her lyrics tackling social injustice. Beyond respecting her groove and chops, bandleaders love Dyson for her dedication to songs.

Sue Foley Armed with a soulful voice and a guitar style flavored with plenty of Texas flair—but has also been shaped by by rockabilly, surf, Stones-y rock, and even punk—Foley uses a combination of a thumbpick and fingers to get her sound. Foley has earned a wealth of accolades, including several nominations at the International Blues Music Awards in Memphis. Plus, like her hero, Pass, Fox is one of those virtuoso jazzers who is equally comfortable performing solo or with a combo.

Trading blazing solos with the late Purple One on a nightly basis, she proved her mettle, and earned a place in guitar history. Isbin has also explored mixing other textures with her style, most notably on her album Guitar Passionswhere she recorded with Steve Vai, Stanley Jordan, Nancy Wilson, and Steve Morse.

Kaki King King made playing technically advanced solo-acoustic guitar cool again. King is also a fantastically musical fingerstylist, and a fearless artist who expanded her palette to include electric and pedal-steel before returning her focus to the acoustic. Baggs Para Acoustic D. And, oh yeah, she uses an 8-string, fanned-fret guitar to launch her torrid blitzes of riffs and solo lines.

Looking for female guitar player band, the Fine Looking for female guitar player, shows a more serious side of her, and explores guitar approaches that are ambient and pretty or vicious and raging. Her pointy Jackson Randy Rho had been rigged with pyro. The dynamic guitarist has also toured with Pink and gained acclaim as a DJ, yoga instructor, and manufacturer of her ature line of kale chips. Renaissance woman! The resulting hybrid of rock guitar and classical textures is truly astounding.

Fueled in part by her guitar chops and bold tone, Fanny was hugely responsible for inspiring a generation of women to write and play their own music. Millington went on to establish her own Fabulous Records label, and released several solo albums between and As Memphis Minnie, she recorded for a variety of labels Bluebird, Columbia, Checker, Decca, and Okeh to name a fewand was a fearless live performer. There are stores of her taking on and winning head-cutting contests with Big Bill Broonzy and Muddy Waters.

But consider this: In his July GP interview, Prince advised budding players to nail rhythm guitar first by listening to Ike Turner. Noveller Live, ambient-guitar looping was largely a niche practice until Sarah Lipstate came along. Performing as Noveller, she has brought her epic soundscapes to large theaters as the handpicked opening act for St.

Pumping a rotating roster of pedals through her Boomerang looper, Lipstate creates ever-shifting washes of sound and melody that take looping to a place of pure emotion.

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She got the gig-of-a-lifetime with Michael Jackson for the London extravaganza that was tragically not to be, and we put her on our cover in Her electrifying playing and songwriting have inspired scores of young girls to try their own skills at guitar, and her YouTube views are in the mega millions.

Byshe had become a prominent enough performer Looking for female guitar player headline a concert in Philadelphia with no less than Dizzy Gillespie, Art Tatum, Coleman Hawkins, and Thelonious Monk. Barker, Stromberg cutaway. Ana Popovic A near-perennial guest star on the mostly male Experience Hendrix tours, the hard-working Popovic released her most ambitious album last year—the three-CD Trilogy —and expanded her stylistic explorations beyond her usual blues to rock, funk, and jazz. After arriving in Hollywood, Powell quickly gained respect for her fiery solos and pro demeanor, and landed tours with Nick Jonas, Black Eyed Peas, and other headliners.

Gabriela Quintero Quintero is one of the finest acoustic-rhythm specialists around, as well as an exhilarating live performer. Together with her performance partner, Rodrigo Sanchez, Rodrigo y Gabriela have perfected the art of the nylon-string duo. Bonnie Raitt With her instantly recognizable voice and endlessly cool slide playing, Raitt has been mesmerizing fans for decades. Though her style is deeply rooted in early blues, Raitt knows how to blend those influences with classic singer-songwriter material to forge a sound all her own.

She has an uncanny knack for picking great songs to record, and she always knows how to make her guitar parts stand out—all while supporting the tune with her soulful melodic lines. She swung harder and simpler.

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We wish we knew where she is these days, as she has been rather quiet. Do we need to put her face on a milk carton? Her funk groove is awesome, she can play fast as hell, and she puts it all together with tons of soul. Leni Stern Few artists unite the American jazz tradition with world influences more effectively than genre-defying guitar adventurer Stern.

Vincent—worked out her guitar solos on a MIDI keyboard and then learned them. Since then, she has trusted her originality to keep the guitar work interesting. And rightly so, as evidenced by her unique use of fuzz pedals to create synth-like hooks and epic noise-inflected solos.

Vincent ature model, Kemper Profiler. Susan Tedeschi The other half of the Tedeschi Trucks Band, Tedeschi was already an established solo artist when she found herself on tour supporting the Allman Brothers. Tedeschi could well have the best voice of any guitarslinger around, and her guitar playing is icing on the cake. Sister Rosetta Tharpe Born inTharpe began playing guitar and singing in church at age four.

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Her swinging double-stops and twangy picking greatly influenced Chuck Berry, and she also had a huge impact on Elvis Presley. It all adds up to giving a lot of credit to the Sister for helping birth rock and roll. Full circle? Xuefei Yang Yang started playing classical guitar at seven years old in her native Beijing, China, and had become world renowned while she was still in primary school. Even considering all the accolades, most people who hear Yang will attest that her touch, tone, and musicality are sublime.

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