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I am sure you have heard it a time or two. It started on the day my oldest was born. I had grown up with redheaded friends and had strawberry blonde hair, but the moment they handed me that squirmy little babe, with bright red hair I understood. Let me warn you. It is a tough life we live. Our annual sunscreen bill is through the roof. It can get pretty costly.

Whenever we meet someone who knows another red-haired child, they make a point to let us know they know someone else with red hair too. Sometimes, they even ask if we know them.

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We constantly have to explain where the red hair comes from to everyone we know, as they are perplexed how we produced a red-headed. Did you know redhe are more likely to be left-handed?

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In a world with right-handed sports equipment and scissors, our redheaded and left handed kids need special left handed items to make it through life. If you are a parent of a red-headed child, I see you. All other parents of red-headed children are here for you. There are struggles that come with having a red headed. We know they have the most beautiful hair, gorgeous fair skin, and unique characteristics that are only found in gingers.

That it feels so special to have someone come into your world that is a small two percent of the entire world. That they have a beautifully unique personality to match their ginger locks. I get you. And I love my little redhe and the redhe in my life with a love that is as unique as they are.

So true! Both my son and I are redhe…and this is spot on, especially with the sunscreen! Did you also know pain perception and anesthesia application can be different for redhe? Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. in. Log into your. Password recovery.

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Love fun redheads lets chat

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Parents of Redhe, I am Here For You