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So enamored was he with the place and its recuperative waters that he spent most of his fortune to open a clinic there to treat fellow polio sufferers. His sudden death and the ascension of Harry S. Far less chronicled, though, was the tale of the funeral train that embarked from Warm Springs and passed through Atlanta and Washington, D. The book explores the intrigue and scheming that occurred on that train as it made its way north, through depots and small towns, past a nation that was inconsolable in its grief. When the presidential train became the funeral train, they added a sleeper and Roosevelt hot women best engines.

And the locals were proud that Roosevelt had chosen Warm Springs as his retreat. He was very friendly with everyone. The fact that he died there was felt more acutely than in New York. Then the brakes gripped the wheels tight. A mighty hiss followed as the reservoirs spat their pressurized air into the dirt.

FDR had arrived in the sleepy Georgia hamlet for the forty-first time. It was Good Friday. Here, in the yard beside the station, there was plenty of room for bystanders. But today it would be different. Regulars in the crowd could tell right away that something was wrong. Pushed in his wheelchair toward the waiting automobiles, Roosevelt joggled like a rag doll, and as Mike Reilly lifted him into the car, he landed like a wet sandbag. FDR soaked the carburetor with gasoline and the little car took Roosevelt hot women, roaring up the road lined with wild violets and dogwoods, the Secret Service car hot on his tail.

Watching him fly up the hill, some in the crowd felt a sense of relief. His Wall Street friends scoffed when Roosevelt parted with two-thirds of his personal fortune to incorporate Warm Springs as a foundation and open it as a treatment center for polio victims.


FDR had insisted on a simple, rustic decor of hook rugs and knotty-pine furniture. Measuring fifty-four feet at its widest point, the cabin was shorter than the Pullman car that would bring him there. Roosevelt adored the place. Though the night air was warm, Roosevelt had wrapped himself in his heavy Navy cape.

He was sipping a Coca-Cola, doing his best to smile. The Russian gazed at the man she had just traveled hundreds of miles to paint a second time. No woman would have known better. The youthful, handsome countenance of Franklin Roosevelt had been etched into the mind of Lucy Mercer Rutherfurd from their first meeting, when he was the newly minted assistant secretary of the U.

Navy and his wife needed an appointments secretary. Her easy laugh and statuesque beauty charmed the Roosevelt children—but charmed their father even more. It is not certain exactly when the romantic affair began, but by September Roosevelt hot womenit met its abrupt end.

With World War I winding down in Europe, Franklin had returned home, ill with pneumonia, from an inspection tour of the front lines in France. Unpacking his trunks, Eleanor discovered a hidden cache of love letters from Lucy. Divorce—viewed in those days with nearly as much disdain as adultery—was the remedy Eleanor had initially demanded. So from onward, Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt remained husband and wife on paper and for the sake of press photographers. The secret terms that permitted FDR to keep both his public career and his solvency included his agreeing never to see Lucy Mercer again.

Mercer went on to marry the rich but elderly Winthrop Rutherfurd, and Franklin, who would never again share a bed with his wife, had gone on to attain the White House. But Mrs. Rutherfurd and the president had never quite gotten around Roosevelt hot women severing their ties.

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That left the president in the company of his cousins Daisy Suckley and Polly Delano, his correspondence secretary William Hassett, the painter Shoumatoff, her assistant [Nicholas] Robbins, and, sitting nearby in quiet admiration, Lucy Mercer Rutherfurd. FDR picked a spot near the French doors that opened onto the patio, where he sat in his favorite leather chair with a card table pulled up to it so he could work.

Altering the facts in a way only painters can, Shoumatoff also removed at least ten years with her brush. Yet she agonized to replicate one detail of the man before her. Such vigor in that color; Shoumatoff summoned all her talent to capture it. It was 1 p. In the Little Roosevelt hot women House, Polly walked into the kitchen to put some water in a bowl of roses. Suckley looked up from her crocheting. The president seemed to be fumbling for something, his hands flitting about his head, as if waving away a moth that was not there.

Suckley rose and walked over to him. Roosevelt turned and looked at her. His furrowed forehead was knitted with pain and yet he addressed her with a tired, apologetic smile. Though FDR would linger, unconscious, for another two and a half hours, it was all essentially over in that instant. James E. Later, Dr. In the minutes before Roosevelt expired, a sense of helplessness, of inevitability, crept like a phantom through the rooms of the cabin. Grace Tully abandoned herself to silent prayer; Hassett pointlessly studied his watch; the doctors around the bed stood still as oaks.

It was an absurd understatement. Line 23 lists the time of death as p. On Roosevelt hot women way home, White decided to stop and buy some groceries. It was in the store that he learned the news, and he raced to the nearest phone. White had one thought on his mind as he called the roundhouse. It was a piece of knowledge that few men in Atlanta possessed and one that White guarded closely. It would not, White knew, stay parked for long now.

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Charles Craft, another foreman, picked up the phone. What you got in sight? On the other side of Atlanta, a little after p. This one was at the home of a man named Fred Patterson. Now, back at his house, Patterson was just about Roosevelt hot women light up a cigar and settle down with the newspaper when he heard the telephone. The voice on the other end belonged to Dr.

James Paullin, who was calling from Warm Springs. As the cardiologist spoke, it became clear to Patterson that he would not be reading the news that night; he would be playing a part in it. President Roosevelt had already been dead four hours.

The funeral train would be leaving in the morning. Patterson was needed quickly. After Patterson had finished his phone call with Paullin, he drove to the H. There was plenty to do. His first task was to call Hassett down at Warm Springs for as many details as he could obtain. Each presented a problem. But the more pressing issue was metal. Wartime shortages had meant that steel and bronze coffins had been replaced by composites with names like Eternalite and Mineralite. Plastic and cloth-covered models had even begun appearing in funeral homes across the country.

But Patterson knew that no one would stand for the President of the United States to be buried in a container made of something called Permalith. Patterson had just purchased a mahogany coffin that was the right size, but Roosevelt hot women course it had no copper. Then he remembered: He did have a National Seamless Copper Deposit model—solid copper, bronze finish, and an interior lined in velvet. It was an expensive and beautiful piece. Also, critically, it measured six feet six inches. If posterity was to matter—and to Roosevelt, it did—the copper casket was the only choice.

He wrote, he said, until he swore another word could not issue from his typewriter.

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And then, Roosevelt hot women course, he wrote some more. Having acted on the assumption that the First Lady would travel to Warm Springs by train, journalists besieged the little station. When word came, after midnight, that Mrs. Roosevelt would not be arriving by train but had in fact already touched down in a military plane and was ensconced in the Little White House, the reporters knew there would be no story until the morning when the train left. The newsmen moved like the dispossessed toward Georgia Hall.

Here were men accustomed to life on the underside of the clock; to the front seats of cars or the hard benches of police precincts serving as beds while they waited for announcements that may or may not be news; men for whom a candy bar produced from a back pocket often stood in for dinner. So it came as a particular surprise to Roosevelt hot women a Victorian hotel and find a banquet laid out on white tablecloths—just for them.

You may eat it if you are hungry, for it will only go to waste. He looked around, listening to the conversations in earshot. Men of the ink trades tend to maintain exteriors of iron. The job demands it. To go soft is to cause your colleagues to lose respect for you. Tonight, not a drop of alcohol was in sight. S unrise spread over the foundation grounds as a cool breeze came in from the west.

The sky was the color of topaz on the day the Boss would leave Warm Springs for good. The air carried the intoxicating scents of brook water, weeds, and the red earth as the temperature climbed toward a comfortable 83 degrees.

Inexplicably, as has happened so many times before and since, a great tragedy had been blessed with the backdrop of perfect weather. By nine that morning, the population of Warm Springs— souls, according to the Census—had grown fivefold. Three thousand soldiers had arrived during the night. Inthey were sufficient to assemble a formal marching column for the cortege and still leave 2, paratroopers available to line both sides of the route all the way to the train station. The 99th Infantry Ground Forces and the th Army Ground Forces had both contributed musicians to the band that led the procession.

The proceedings must have looked as rehearsed as if they had been planned for months. Things went wrong. The horse-drawn caisson that was to have taken the body to the train station never arrived, and here again Patterson stepped forward with a solution.

The long black car glinted in the sunlight like a slab of buffed onyx. The V-8 engine cleared its throat and turned over. The enormous hearse inched forward, falling in line behind the band and the color guard. Patterson and the other morticians drove ahead of the hearse in the lead car.

Roosevelt hot women

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