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Cook Islands Parliament.

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Photo: Wikimedia Commons. This is to allow renewed debate of a controversial bill that would criminalise same-sex relations. In a statement, the Democratic Party said clauses breaching international human rights declarations had gone unchallenged.

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A special meeting is needed so the committee can be given legal advice on the Crimes Bill before it makes a recommendation to parliament, it said. The proposed amendment to the Crimes Act maintains a clause under which Cook Islands men can be jailed for five years for engaging in what's dubbed "indecent acts" with other men.

People hosting these acts in their premises face up to ten years jail.

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The select committee had initially struck out the controversial laws, but backed down after seeking advice from the public. LGBTQI advocates said a submission from the country's influential churches, which recommended maintaining criminalisation, was instrumental in the select committee's decision.

Tingika Elikana, the committee's chair, told RNZ Pacific earlier this month the final report to parliament would be submitted in February.

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There has been a call for a tourism boycott of the Cook Islands after its government moved to strengthen anti-gay laws. An online petition has been launched calling for homosexuality to be decriminalised between consenting adults in the Cook Islands. Pacific RSS. Follow RNZ News. Tags: Cook Islands.

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Rights advocates condemn Cook Islands' same sex relations ban 8 Nov Petition calls for homosexuality to be decriminalised in Cooks 6 Nov Cook Islands retains ban on homosexuality 5 Nov A criminal ban on sex between men is to be retained in the Cook Islands and extended to women. Get the RNZ app for ad-free news and current affairs. Top New Zealand Stories Nurses reject government's latest pay offer, strikes back on the table Families, friends cheer on gold medalists from NZ: 'It was just amazing' Tsunami risk to New Zealand from 8.

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U-turn? Cook Islands set to retain gay sex ban