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To readers of SpartanTailgatewho have come to this blog in search of hot federal judges, here are the links you're looking for:. For those of you who were left scratching your he over it, here's a Courthouse Forum letter from Judge Alex Kozinski himself, providing the backstory:. About three weeks ago, I was keynote speaker at a one day conference sponsored by the judges and lawyers of the District of Nevada.

The luncheon speaker was Barry Levenson, author of Habeas Codfisha funny book about food law. Levenson was an appellate lawyer with the Wisconsin Attorney General's office and his claim to fame -- as he tells it -- is that he's the only lawyer to have argued Super hotties only case in the US S. It's a very funny story, and I don't want to steal his thunder by giving away the circumstances.

In any event, he eventually quit law and is now the curator of the Mustard Museum and a popular speaker. Among the "shtick" of Levenson's very funny and informative speech was the presentation to me of a case of mustard one of which I sent youan autographed copy of his book, and two honorary degrees click on the thumbnails for a better view :. I thought that Levenson and his Mustard Museum might be worth a plug, esp. He's a very funny guy, a bit reminiscent of Eugene Levy.

In fact, one might ask about them: Separated at birth? Delightfully bizarre! Perfect fodder for UTR. A3G thanks Judge Kozinski for sharing -- and congratulates him on his two honorary degrees. Discriminating mustard consumers, as well as judicial junkies everywhere, will soon be asking: "Excuse me, do you have any of Alex Kozinski's Judicial Hottie Jalapeno Mustard?

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MCAF. Yes, there is a backstory to this bizarre product. Check back here soon, when all will be revealed.

The Pizza Delivery Boy (Dylan Williams Part 2)

This prominent appeals court judge parties a Super hotties only too heartily for his own good. At one legal conference, he got so drunk that he had to be carried back to his hotel room -- where the partying continued, through the consumption of tequila shots! The following day, he was spotted with a bad hangover and a pronounced limp the result of injuring his foot on the dance floor the night before. In contrast to the jurist just mentioned, who may engage in excessive fraternization with non-judges, this Supreme Court short-lister isn't exactly Miss Congeniality.

After she delivered a speech at a midwestern law school, she had lunch with some law students and faculty members -- where she proceeded to alienate the entire group, with her pedantic, constant correction of minor misstatements, made by her dining companions in casual conversation. This judge's distance caused several attendees to dub her "an ice queen. This East Coast circuit judge, who was a distinguished legal academic before taking the bench, has a weakness for reruns of Xena: Warrior Princess. After this comely district judge was nominated as a judicial hottie, a former colleague ed her about the contest and said that he would vote for her.

The judge subsequently declared herself to be "mortified" by the proceedings -- but maybe she was just upset that she didn't make the top five! This female circuit judge was asked for her reaction when a colleague of hers was nominated as a judicial superhottie, but she was not. This judge quipped: "Well, I've been dubbed a judicial diva. Hotness fades; but diva-hood is forever! In s to Article III Groupie and in comments to recent posts, several of you have expressed a desire for better coverage in these s of federal judges who are not conservatives of mono-monikered fame e.

As it turns out, A3G recognizes the validity of this criticism, and she's happy to oblige. Going forward, she will make a conscious effort to expand the universe of judges that she covers. A3G will kick things off by reprinting some praise of Judge Edmund H. Sargus, Jr. This comes from a celebrated trial lawyer and loyal UTR reader:. Just noticed in your old "hottie" list Judge Edmund Sargus S. Now there is somebody who ought to be on the court of appeals, at the very least. He is personable, affable, smart, and well-read; he listens to lawyers, and he knows how to run a contentious courtroom while making sure everybody gets heard.

Catch that rave -- Judge Sargus, pat yourself on the back for doing such a fine job on the bench! Judge Myron Thompson M. Judge Thompson was only 33 at the time, and he became the first African-American judge in that district. He has handled a of very notable cases, including the historic Wyatt case challenging the inhumane treatment of individuals held in Alabama's Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation, which has had a tremendous impact on the treatment Super hotties only people with mental illness in the United States. Judge Thompson also decided Glassroth v.

Moorethe Alabama "10 Commandments case. WOW -- a federal judge by the age of 33? If it's possible, A3G feels even worse about herself than she did when she woke up this morning! But before you conclude that life is a bowl of cherries for Judge Thompson, consider the following anecdote from this article about his visit last year to Yale, his alma mater for both college and law school :.

Only a year after he began serving on the bench, Thompson made a difficult ruling concerning the use of deadly force by the police. After a friend critiqued his decision as arbitrary, Thompson said he questioned whether he was making or interpreting law. People think that because we are selected for life that we don't have feelings ," Thompson said. Gee, that's kinda true! Just because federal judges have flowing robes and big gavels doesn't mean they don't get hurt when people say mean things about them. Thompson was vindicated in the end when the case went before the U. Supreme Court, which used Thompson's language verbatim in its ruling.

Thompson said he is humbled by the influence he has. And now, a few words of "meta-blogging. But there's no denying that district court judges have much harder jobs than their appellate court counterparts. Their dockets are much larger; they face greater time pressures; and they have fewer resources than their colleagues upstairs.

Despite these obstacles, and with the help of their trusty law clerks, trial judges in the federal system do a superb job dispensing justice to the people of the United States. The excellent work that district judges perform, day in and day out, makes the American federal judiciary the great institution that it is today -- the envy of the entire free world. A special message to all district court judges: even if she doesn't blog about you as often as circuit judges and SCOTUS justices, A3G still loves you very very much.

Check out this postfrom almost exactly a year ago, in which A3G reprinted this reader :. You tend to write about the same small group of judges over, and over, and over. How about casting your net a bit wider? There are so many judges about whom I'd like to learn. Mad props otherwise, Devoted Fan. With all Super hotties only respect to Mr. Shawn and Ms.

Ontiveros, both of whom A3G deeply admires as actors, clearly the answer is no. As explained above, A3G will attempt to broaden her coverage in the weeks ahead. But please don't be surprised if she eventually reverts to her old ways after a few weeks or hours.

Please, dear readers -- give your blogress a round of applause! A3G's suggestion Super hotties only in jest -- but perhaps she was on to something. According to this article by Timothy L. O'Brien offers the following report:. Bywith his casinos in hock, most of his real estate holdings either forfeited or stagnant and his father slipping into the fog of Alzheimer's disease, Donald Trump, at the age of 47, had run out of money Donald got his loan, but about a year later he was almost broke again.

His brother Robert Trump, who briefly oversaw Donald's casinos before fleeing the pressure of working for him to take over their father's real estate operation, balked. Desperate to scrape some money together, Donald tasked Alan Marcus, one of his advisers, to contact his brother-in-law John Barry and see if he could intervene with Robert and his other siblings. The late John J. As one might have expected from a power broker of his stature, John Barry succeeded in getting The Donald the critical assistance that he needed:.

Barry successfully lobbied Super hotties only members of the Trump clan and that another handout was arranged, with Donald agreeing again that whatever he failed to pay back would be taken out of his share of their father's estate. The family saved him. So how about that? According to one of UTR's Third Circuit sources, "Judge Barry is a judicial diva par excellence, renowned for her sharp mind and her equally sharp tongue. When her bold and brash brother finds himself in a pinch, Judge Barry simply reaches into those deep pockets under her robe, to spot him some of the fortune that she inherited from their late father, Fred Trump.

Without her help, Donald Trump would not be where he is today. Judge Barry is not only generous towards her little brother; she's also discreet. When contacted by O'Brien, "Maryanne Trump Barry, a federal judge, said that she could not recollect any efforts to offer her brother financial help. This should come as no surprise. Sorry to get your hopes up! Roberts sunning himself, and his judicial hottie nether regions, in the manner of Jude Law.

Also in the Legal Times and on Law. Now it's time for a much-needed break from this blog's non-stop coverage of Harriet Miers. I was at a debate tonight September 20 between Judge Super hotties only A. Posner and Professor and ex-Dean Geoffrey R. Stoneof the University of Chicago Law School [whose faculty now has a blogby the way]. I had no idea Judge Posner has such a great sense of humor!

Just thought I would fill you in on some of the things that Judge Posner had to say:. Debate over extreme positions has taken over in America. He views the Ten Commandments case as an inificant case, as the majority of the country just doesn't care whether there are Commandments in public places and "no one is going around worrying about graven images anymore. The ACLU has become a partisan interest group like any other that takes up inificant issues and can be ignored because of their predictability, unless they come across some monumental conflict like one which "pits picketing against abortion" his crack, not mine.

In deciding a case about the consitutionality of an Indianapolis statute banning children under the age of 18 from being in an arcade with violent games, he had to research video games, since apparently he had never played one. He said he liked Mortal Kombat! Mortal Kombat!?!? That little detail definitely got A3G's attention! Could it be true that one of the federal judiciary's leading lights has a weakness for video games? A digression: if so, that would be two leading lights of the federal judiciary with a weakness for video games.

Judge Alex Kozinski's love of video games is well-known. Maybe the best way to answer that query would be to pit the two jurists against each other in a Mortal Kombat tournament! Update : Check out the comment by Ted Frank to learn about another super-prestigious judge who enjoys video games.

Here's a hint: A3G ly volunteered to be this judge's " honey pot. Okay, back to Judge Posner. Because A3G has been burned in the past by passing along erroneous information about Posnerian sight-ationsshe decided to do something that "real journalists" are known for: fact-checking. She sent the following to Judge Posner himself:. How are you?

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I hope all is well; it has been a while since our last communication. I was just writing with a bit of fact-checking. Recently I received the printed below from a loyal UTR reader, concerning a debate you recently had with Professor Geoffrey Stone. Before I reprinted it in blog, in whole or in part, I wanted to confirm its accuracy with you; I would not want to misquote you again Is there anything in the below reprinted after the asterisks that is incorrect or that, even if correct, you would not want to appear in UTR?

In particular, is it true that you have played Mortal Kombat? And if so, who is your favorite character or player a.

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I completely understand if you don't have the time to take a look at this.

Super hotties only

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