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But that happens… almost never? Dating as a full-fledged adult can be exciting and rewarding, but it can also be complicated and frustrating. The bar scene? Online dating?

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Worldwide, a lot of people are turning to tech in hopes of finding the one. And according to eHarmony40 percent of Americans use online dating and 20 percent of current committed relationships began online. Encouraging stats… but a little caution may be in order. But I have friends who have had success finding long-term partners online. I have others who have kept us laughing and crying until late at night as they recounted the horrors of online dating.

So… are there any other options for those looking for help in finding partners? Welcome to the world of modern matchmaking. The intent of the event and billboard campaign was altruistic for the Latter-Day Matchmaker team. It did. More than 2, members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from across the country applied.

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The Latter-Day Matchmaker team culled through the submissions to find compatible singles, interviewed many of them, and ultimately invited 20 to attend the matchmaking event, some from out-of-state. It was really fun. Was it a success? Would they do it again?

For the interested, there are three steps to getting started: 1 complete an online profile, 2 select a package level, and 3 meet your match.

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The profile questionnaire is much like other online dating sites, including all the basic demographics: age, occupation, education level, relationship history, children, hobbies, photos, etc. As a faith-centric service, it also asks about church lifestyles, such as mission service, level of activity in the church, and more.

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With a profile complete, you can choose from three packages. The Online Concierge Level is free, which essentially puts you in a pool of potential candidates. Initially, they ask clients to list 10 to 15 characteristics they are looking for in a partner.

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They use those characteristics to run a confidential search the online part and then vet a shortlist of candidates the personal matchmaking part. Often, they nudge clients toward broadening their criteria.

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Also, you need to be open to giving people a chance. You may think you know your type and what you are looking for, but may actually be limiting yourself too much. Events Subscribe About.

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Utah wives looking for

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