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Did you ever figure out the question the characters ask themselves to make each day better than the last?

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Did you know you can ask yourself a very similar question to do the same for yourself? For instance, when Phil is trying to get Rita to fall in love with him in Groundhog Day, he learns more about her to make himself the person he thinks she wants. Wait… are we in a time loop? You, right now. Did you skip your workout because you were tired?

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Did you accidentally send nudes to your grandma? As soon as you wake up, you look at those things and remind yourself of what it is. Most people will try to overcomplicate this by adding a bunch of stuff. One or two things MAX. So there you go. Who would have thought that hidden in all those movies is a philosophy to make your life better?

I know it sounds too simple to make an effective change, but in 30 days, you will have made 30 optimizations to your day.

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First, you can fix that mistake right away. It will be another month before we do the event again. So to prevent the mental anguish that will come with missing out, swing by RockPit on Friday night. Like learning French poetry.

Sigh…I need to get out more.

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Either way, you can make improvements to your life by asking a simple question. Pretty good question, right? Think about your day and write down what you could do better the next day.

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Did you eat cookies for lunch today? The more you add, the harder it is to remember everything. The only locals read every week.

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Every week, co-founder Chris Rock sends out a few s that's been described as "must-read" or "the only I read" by subscribers. Because he doesn't send the typical "Here's what happening at xyz brewery this week" type of s. Instead he sends insider stories, funny content, what beer will be on our taps soon so you can plan accordingly and upcoming events at RockPit. The question is: is it always stout season, or are. Load More

Want to catch a movie

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