Wife swap Oxford

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Oxford English Dictionary The definitive record of the English language. Forms: sing. Now dial. A Anusalduuif. John iv.

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Saints xviii. High Treas. Poems Reform. Norton Calvin's Inst. Smith Mus. Millett Flying ii. Rendell Sleeping Life iii. Palerne My menskful moder is his meke wiue. Heywood Prov. Tractates S. Pole Descr. Devon iii. Prayer Bk. SickVisit him, O Lord, as thou didst Peters wives mother.

Boz, Boarding-ho. For seven had her to wyfe. Grosart IV. Hill-Tout Brit. Sarumxli.

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Pray, Madam, who were the Company? Lady Smart. Why, there was all the World, and his Wife. Inchbald Lovers' Vows ed. Gaskell Let. Shaw Getting Married She's a born wife and mother, maam. Thats why my children all ran away from home. Christie Murder at Vicarage xxxii. Cecil Heroines in Love v. McCutchan Shard calls Tune ii. And what made you wish to become a sailor, my boy? Navy Candidate in perfect good faith. Because he's got a wife in every port, sir. Surtees To Mrs. Clopton one old ryall, to hir daughter, my wiffe, Alice, one angell. Madras The monkeys were in a rage.

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Duncan Blanchard's Transf. Insects Wives appear to be at a premium amongst these spiders. Cable in Century Mag. Wallis 45 [His] wooden wife [as he sometimes called his ship]. Vulgar T. Society vii. Hammond Sexual Impotence in Male i. Hyams Pool xiii. Unwanted pregnancy. A score of reasons.

Eliot Let. Oliphant Land of Khemi iv. Brown tr.

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Fresny's Amusem. Rides II. Weldon Praxis xx.

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Himes Blind Man with Pistol x. Pugh Chancer xiv. Breedlove Swinging Set x. Mary iii. Cheyne Orig. Psalter vii. Ditties etc.

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Wife swap Oxford

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Wife swap discovered in medieval manuscript